Best 6 Tips For How to Prevent Hair Loss for Teenage Guys

prevent hair loss in teenage guys

How to prevent hair loss for teenage guys? Do you know the cause of hair loss? Hair loss problem occurs at any age include teenagers. We can say teenagers have the burden of studies, family problem, and others. Hair fall comes by taking the stress and other problems. Teenagers suffer from alopecia areata (a type of baldness) and androgenetic alopecia. In this article, I will tell you how to prevent hair loss for teenager guys.

Recommend you use home remedies to solve this problem because chemicals may harm your hair. Naturally, you can reduce hair loss. If you want to prevent hair loss then follow my tips. They will help you to reduce the hair loss problem.

You need to make a good diet plan because teenagers do not maintain their diet. Hair loss may occur by hormones imbalance or vitamin deficiency. That’s why to be careful. Let’s discuss prevent hair loss in teenager guys.

prevent hair loss for teenage guys

Tips to Prevent Hair Loss for Teenage Guys

1. Eat Healthy Food

Teenagers need to eat healthy food. That will help you to prevent hair loss and also your health. A better diet will help you to fight with hair loss. Just make you’re scheduled for eating food. You need to eat healthy food on daily basis. Minerals help to increase the circulation in the scalp which fuel hair growth. Eat foods that have high iron includes liver, raisins, and apricots.

Vitamin A helps to vibrant hair and improves hair growth. It founds in carrots and squash. Vitamin B helps in promote blood circulation in the scalp and encourage the hair growth. This includes milk, fruits, and whole grains. Other eats fresh vegetables, proteins, and healthy fat. Also, add low-fat dairy seeds and nuts in your diet.  They will maintain your health and help to prevent hair loss. Teenagers suffer from disorders such as bulimia and anorexia lead to hair loss.

Teenagers, you have your whole life. So if you want to change your habits then change them. Do work with a plan. Make a timetable and maintain diet according to that.

how to prevent hair loss for teenage guys

2. Drink water

Well, we drink water only when we feel thirst. But do you know how water beneficial for your hair? Let I tell you teenagers all about it. Water supports your hair growth and hydrates your hair. Your body needs to hydrate for your hair cells and skin. If it is not, hair cells will not able to grow and flourish your hair.

To reduce hair loss and grow healthy hair, drink water. It will help you to prevent dehydration. Dehydration includes tea, coffee, and sodas. Water helps to regulate the circulation system. It feeds the hair follicle and stimulates hair growth. If your hair roots are deficient, lack of water in your body. The scalp becomes dry, brittle and stops growing hair. Well, I just want to say drink water.

Teenagers you need to drink 6-8 glasses of water. It is necessary to prevent hair loss. Water is beneficial for your health and your hair health. Try to use natural ingredients on your scalp because they will provide you with natural hair.

prevent hair loss

3. Avoid Junk Food

Teenager guys, you need avoid junk food. I can understand your feeling to junk food. But it is not good for your health and for hair. Most of the teenagers eat junk food in their school or college time.

Teenager guys who suffer from family problems.  Also, eat junk food. By eating junk food you are losing your hair. Don’t you think it’s not good for you? If you think it is good for you then you can eat it. But by doing this you are pushing you back by yourself in your life.

4. Massage

You need to massage on your scalp on daily basis. Take warm oil and massage gently with it. Apply this on your hair roots and on the scalp. This will make your hair roots strong.

Massage in the circular motion with your fingers for 10-15 minutes. If you are not able to massage on daily basis then massage 2-3 times in a week. To prevent hair loss you need to do it. Oiling is important to keep your hair in the good state.

5. Exercise

Exercise is must to prevent hair loss in teenager guys. You should do exercise on daily basis. You can play the sport like football and tennis. The exercise also helps you to reduce stress. And help to maintain good circulation. To prevent the hair loss in teenager guys, you need to do it.

6. Hair Dryers

When you are having showered doesn’t rub your hair. Try to avoid the hair dryer because hair tends to lose moisture in sudden reaction. If it is needed, use it in a limit. Heat makes your hair week. Constant drying and heating can make your hair week. And can cause hair loss.

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